50 Responses to “Kim Kardashian”

  1. ienjoyxmas says:

    song’s epic lmfao

  2. v8assshit says:

    Yes, imz a hooooooooeeeee.

  3. knucklesmcfly says:

    It’s going to be good times for Kim when she is 60 years old and her brain finally matures to where she can comprehend reality and she then discovers what a skank degenerate low life joke of society she actually was all of her life.

  4. p1mch3z says:


  5. itspeaks037 says:

    you should be in a kick ass movie

  6. JakaxBone3672 says:

    hohoho merry- look rudolph kim kardashaho

  7. JamesJunger says:

    Thanx, I’ll keep that in mind!

  8. halflifeproductionz says:

    did she seriously fuck all of them dudes! dayamn.

  9. TorinMarch says:

    At 1:11 notice something about Ray-J’s body.

  10. TorinMarch says:

    lol. She does have a bad rep.

  11. dafreakything says:

    I think it was khloe behind Kim at 0:21.. she kind of looks like a gorilla.. :) lmfao

  12. FlyBoyy139 says:

    best song for this video lol i will fuck the shit out of this hoe

  13. travis10ist says:

    She very pretty, but I have some terrible experience like that! She is freaky hoe and player! I guess all she want is sex!! That why she show off her body! no wonder, she try to get every men attention so she will feel good herself and make the men want her for sex. That my option!

  14. nissansentraglx says:

    now 30 and not married? boo hoo! life just ain’t fair! having looks doesn’t equate to being married by now! probably couldn’t hold a real relationship anyway.

  15. Clifton100 says:

    this clip is over 3 years old. I didn’t even know what ho meant or who Kim was 3 years ago. but it kinda makes sense, i guess.

  16. ceaz1R says:

    wasted goods

  17. Paligurl123 says:

    loll she looks just like my couzins sister n law lol

  18. verstandigemocro says:

    comon shes a slut also the game fucked her

    ( but she still so sexy)

  19. exposed97 says:

    I seen a clone of Kim, she didn’t give me a time of day :(

  20. vossistar says:

    man i don c y people fink dis ho is sexy dis bitch noffin but a bag full of S.T.D.’s

  21. RockEnthusiasm says:

    Spank that stanky hoe

  22. whm111 says:

    who’s next?

  23. diddy222222 says:

    she aint no ho she my girl

  24. GSMSDANCEENT says:


  25. GSMSDANCEENT says:

    Song is funny.(: but in my opinon i don’t think she is a hoe. Yes, she has done somethings and also she does racy photo shoots but who cares she has the body for it and i’m sure you all do not mind seeing it either. She is not exactly famous for the Ray J incident, she is famous because her bio father was Robert Kardashian who worked in the music ind’ & also worked on OJs court case. Her sexual life is none of our business if you do not remember she has been with Reggie for a while,other than

  26. NLTismine4ever says:

    @TheKangoeroe LOL XD

  27. DesigedEscape says:

    nice shoes, wanna fuck

  28. lobelia2 says:

    why is she famous again?

  29. vicnetto says:

    stupid fame whore. already on her second husband.

  30. OkapiVideo says:

    press 5 and she becomes a cat

  31. TheKangoeroe says:

    she f**k*d her way up to hollywood xD

  32. tintindo123 says:

    i can jerk off this better than porn

  33. nflaMedHD says:

    @isabelleme926 she looks nothing like Paris Hilton, Kim is waaaaaaay hotter!!

  34. kudude12many says:

    @KiidCartah I paused at 0:21

  35. KiidCartah says:

    Who Paused at 0:20, be Honest xD

  36. 11163q says:

    just what you need to look like a whore

  37. sextapes3x3 says:

    so hot … if u didn’t saw Kim K sex tape u can watch full video for free at Xrude. net
    Thumb up! #LOL

  38. Superindigoman says:

    my god, she is one red hot sexy little b***h, yummy……

  39. Wornskibum says:

    this should turn into a porn movie

  40. TheMrDANYsan says:

    Horrible acting, but I would wreck that chick.

  41. bg222333 says:

    And this is the girl who said all of the teen moms on MTV were bad influences…really Kim? Because you are a pretty tacky bitch yourself.

  42. Crystallic100 says:

    Ray is one lucky bastard!!!

  43. AveolarD says:

    classy tramp

  44. AlwaysInlove211 says:

    @Superg457 hahahaahah(:

  45. Y2KDate says:

    I thought it was Eva longoria in this ad. Jesus I’m gettin old, out of touch :(

  46. denelotaaan says:

    Wow! She’s so hot!

  47. phillies2008wsc says:

    i’d love to lick that asshole clean

  48. samoht1977 says:

    Kardashians?? SOME ONE CALL IN THE KLINGONS!!!! Kirk to enterprise: BEAM ME UP, PLEASE!!!

  49. ironbull2003 says:

    wow she’s actually hot in this commercial… too bad she worked out intensively with a personal trainer for months to look like that… usually she’s just a fat cow

  50. ucjr05 says:

    If you tired of the kardashians then you definetly need to check out this song by – ubworld – why the f*ck is she famous.