49 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Tutorial”

  1. primebeautie says:

    U R very pretty I was watchin your VIDDs, But when I saw this one OMG!! U look like Kourtney Kardashian… Wat A great look alike and luv this tutorial JUST SUBB U Girl!!
    GREAT WORK!! :)

  2. ilyjonas97 says:

    You look like Eva Longoria! Haha;)

  3. prettypink2100 says:

    call me crazy but girl ur so pretty n u do look like Kim :D

  4. dragana21 says:

    what colour is your hair? :)

  5. clara9271 says:

    Where can I find pandora cosmetics?

  6. KaylaMarieeBubblezzz says:

    your so gorgeous!

  7. sixs247 says:

    you have a fb your very beautiful

  8. MsLilmini says:

    hey dolls! pls visit my blog for fun fashion trends/tips. you can find the url at my chanel. check it out for some styles Kim supported as well!

  9. JulietteCharles says:


  10. JulietteCharles says:


  11. 2teamjasperalltheway says:

    Omg.. when they video started i thought u where kourtney kardashian lmafo

  12. 101beauty0 says:

    what has kim kardashian exactly has contributed to the arts and history of this world..oh… a porn clip.. and? stupid tv show, which people contribute to give them airs and the people who wacth the show also contributing in giving her thousands..why do people even watch it..oh wait..nevermind people in the end are giving her money from the airs, and without the airing she and her family would not been able to own a store and other stuff that people once again contribute to give her money

  13. kissed23 says:

    U look like khourtney kardashian :)

  14. FuturePilotGrrrl says:

    u look like kim and kourtney mixed… but more like eva longoria!:) super prettyy

  15. LifeAsKim says:

    I LOVE this tutorial! I am always a huge fan of Kim’s make up. Thanks for the tips, you are gorgeous!

    Check out my vids too!

  16. 2222loko says:

    Kim u suck at everything u do! it looks like u r gonna have to suck another nasty niggers dick cuz.that’s the only thing u r good at

  17. thaankmelater says:

    @chifx317 yea i was just thinkin that; shes kourtney kardashians twin l0l

  18. ZahraKhadija says:

    Omg! You’re so gorgeous and talented! Greetings from Brazil!

  19. MaddiesPage says:

    you look a lot like kourtney :)

  20. pattiwackwagon says:

    i think you look more like eva longoria

  21. sexyjunt says:

    omg are u sure you are not related to them by any chance cause u can definately pass for one of them ( Kourtney)

  22. OfficialCupcakeQueen says:

    you look like wont of this Kardashians! haha u look like a mix of kourtney and kim

  23. babygurl25392 says:

    u look like kourtney omg

  24. twinmommy9707 says:

    omggggggggggg u look like

  25. lana19829 says:

    yea you actually look like her !!

  26. sammisushi09 says:

    great tutorial !

  27. 10musicstar says:

    you look so pretty kim luv yeah bey.

  28. kayteekisskiss says:

    omg you look like her :O your really pretty(: :D

  29. Porcelainmoby says:


  30. MJ4everpianizta08 says:

    You’re so Pretty and you have a nice personality, No one hates a girl like that. :D
    I like your tutorials also! Keep it up! <3
    P.S I Subbed! XD

  31. momotheclownent says:

    after watching this video all i have to say is Kim Kardashian WHO??

  32. xWrinkles says:

    omgosh you look and even sound like kim kardashian!! im gobsmacked!! :)

  33. ladycosmeticjunkie says:


  34. princessbluexpink says:

    woww you are beautiful!

  35. albaniansR2SXC4U says:

    youuuu look like her :| omg ur so gorgeous!

  36. Shawty453 says:

    You are INSANELY beautiful. God must have spent a little more time creating you lol

  37. sosheek1 says:

    Wow you look so much like kim kardashian!

  38. bbgurl22ful says:

    this is soooo pretty but it seems like ALOT of work

  39. xmichellex393 says:

    u look just like her like thought that it was her for a second

  40. Deathrape2001 says:

    @alitizz1e EEEW! Dood I just Googled ‘Young Janice Dickinson’ & this chik so wipes the floor W/her OMG B real. She does remind a bit of that porn whore Angela Taylor, but with better curves. Dunno’ if Dezzie’s chest is plastic, but Angie’s is a wreck. Nice tone but no hips – obviously worx out. This chik should do some bikini vids or belly dance or whatever – something 2 show off the bod =) Yea’ the mouth is sort of Angie Taylor – big in a sleek exotic ‘Native American’ or Arab way.

  41. Beautyyy94 says:

    Waw! You look like Kim Kardashian. You are sooooo beautifull! I like how you do your make up, it’s gorgeous!

  42. PaulHartXYZ says:

    GREAT BONE STRUCTURE. Any kind of makeup would look good on you.

  43. TheGustavolover says:

    omg ur soo fukken GORGEOS! u really r prttyer than kim wayyyyyy prettyer !
    dont let nothing bring u down girl keep it up.

  44. 7niki7niki says:

    kim kardashian

  45. mrsedith1 says:

    honey your beautifull an all an im nott hatten butt less is muchh more;; dontt use so muchh makke upp

  46. licker831 says:

    you should be a model ….your beauty would be recognized around the world.i can only think of one word when i look at you …flawless

  47. licker831 says:

    @greendollar1 lol your right kim is ugly without makeup and she is not…you are coming across jealous are you a ugly girl or something

  48. 161angie says:

    @greendollar1 jealous much?

  49. greendollar1 says:

    i don’t know why people keep saying this but you definitely don’t look arabic and you don’t look anything like kim k….none of your features resemble her.