49 Responses to “Justin Bieber Pitches Ball For Chicago White Sox Oprah Interview – Cute Girlfriends – I Farted?”

  1. PiNKroxMYsox17 says:


  2. sannielush says:

    She’s need’s to actlike her age, Seriously now

  3. AMBER009100 says:

    lol ok I’ve got to admit that she is pretty annoying and she thinks she has swag, but I don’t hate her.
    In one of her videos she said I think this girl is too old to be kissing jb and that is a bit stupid to say that.
    But she’s only like I’m guessing 8-9 so give her a brake. Just because you guys think your all cool and swearing is awsome im guessing ur a hater and that yoiur like a chav, emo or one of those idoits, well just to let you klnow that you gys are retarded.

  4. logjam8800 says:

    Kim Kardashian has officially tied the knot!

    She has an absolutely incredible body. I had to have looked for nights looking for kim’s famous sex tape. My persistence finally paid off.

    If you wanted to watch it too I found it right here: watchcelebsextapes. com

  5. usmil3ismil3 says:

    @rapbattles101 um let me guess your a guy. first of all he doesnt follow baseball or play basebal.l give the boy a break and secondly how can you call someone a faggot when you dont know him and he hasnt said anything wrong to you so maybe you should just shut the fuck up and dont comment if you dont like him.

  6. TheRatchet222 says:

    miz did the first pitch in cleveland it was AWESOME

  7. MadGuitarTV says:

    I think it was gay!

  8. rapbattles101 says:

    why is a little lg on fucking youtube and whats with the voice and i think justin beiber is a fucking faggot that cant even throgh a baseball

  9. christaconn says:

    Good video bit u kinda have an attuitude

  10. Kuban1943 says:

    Now hear this, now hear this: Justin Bieber is a faggot and a douchebag. That is all.

  11. b0m0g1 says:

    Justin Bieber is gay
    & he have pussy
    & he like kiss boys
    & But he don’t have boyfriends he have girl friends like selena gomez
    & jasmine villegas

  12. pantherchicks1 says:

    what a suckish throw

  13. KAMTrigo says:

    wtf bitch you aint you jersey bitch

  14. seasonandsippy says:

    its kim KARDASHIAN not CARSON!!!

  15. KishEmmiKitthen says:

    It felt like u where making video og justin throwing a ball..like ooomg got to see news..
    what a bunk of shit :C

  16. falconfira says:

    “little girl throws ball” 7th result

  17. magikarpdomination says:

    This is the result that comes up when i searched “little girl throws ball” :l

  18. FuzzyBunnyGaming says:


  19. MrMaxydoodle says:

    he cant pitch

  20. dogwonderful1 says:


  21. ForeverAvrilLavigne1 says:

    You Talk Funny.

  22. ballcapmusicbox says:

    Dude! I searched “little girl throws ball” and got a video of justin bieber pitching

  23. tulle275o says:

    i hate you k bye

  24. theturtlebuddha says:


  25. kungfudragon99 says:

    @bustindustin01 me neither.. its an unsolved mystery.

  26. bustindustin01 says:

    So how did Kim get famous? I don’t really know why she’s popular… and got her own show? Just saying..

  27. 310014576 says:

    lucky bastard…..

  28. NappturalDancer2K10 says:

    First the Royal Wedding now this shit…

    God help America.

  29. NappturalDancer2K10 says:

    they have footage from their wedding that’s been out days before and your saying we have to watch the fucking ceremony in October?!

    Fuck America. smdh

  30. dogydory says:

    twa twa twa tt tt twa tweent teeentee??/ twenty??/ muh muh muhh million..??? *faints*

  31. lanier2k5 says:

    Kim has Ray-J to thank for her success…..

  32. cookiebell45 says:

    Media is not what it us to be,you can get famous just for being a hoe.

  33. 100isthebest says:

    People are dying in Libya, starving in Somalia, and being bombarded in Gaza. And what does America care about? Kim Kardashian’s multi-million dollar wedding.

  34. WhatisBuddah says:

    @forsomereasonIhateu yep… It’s not hard to figure out what’s important to Kim, and it’s not brains.

  35. MrNytn2001 says:

    Kardashian’s Wedding is an American Fairy tale. And her ass cheeks are an inspiration to all women. God bless them.

  36. forsomereasonIhateu says:

    @WhatisBuddah What a real fucking waste for some materialistic whore and some lugnut with the IQ of a turnip. Just shows no matter how hot you think you are, that money and fame doesnt guarantee anything. This looks like a $100 mexican wedding where the bride is the average make up heavy black haired brown eyed idiot who looks as happy as Clint Eastwood watching midget porn. Shes fat anyway.

  37. ThaGenius101 says:

    Who cares about poor people, lets just talk about Kim.

  38. WhatisBuddah says:

    $20 million for a wedding? What a waste.

  39. Lamicktin says:

    MeanWhile in Africa…

  40. srbinbrate says:

    @ViciousBeautyNYC You’re so right, I completely agree. She’s a moron. Making a reality show circus of something so holy to many people, like a wedding in this case, makes her without any doubt, a real 100% celebrity whore.

  41. musiconfigure says:

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  42. FreakinWorldPeace says:

    the wedding theme was black & white :P
    all guests were to wear black or white :P

  43. NobukoReynoso86 says:

    Kim Kardashian is now married.

    She is perfect in every way! I must have looked for what seemed like forever trying to find Kim Kardashians sex tape. I hit the freakin’ jackpot.

    In case you guys wanted to see it I saw it over at WatchCelebSexTapes. com

  44. DragonAurora says:

    Wow….this is all over the news now. No wonder this country is going to shit. . .

  45. sladzam1 says:


  46. mekanani22 says:

    I don’t get y ppl come to these celebrity channels and talk so negative about them..if u hate them and their lifestyles so much then y do u waste ur time watching? Maybe u can switch to a how-to video or something that brings u joy!!??

  47. HausOfAdonis says:

    vera wang always looks sooo tired. i know she works hard and is talented but damn…she can afford a vacation.

  48. 07PinkCouture says:

    i can’t wait for that epsiode i love the kardashians and the jenners

  49. LWE112 says:

    @dmac3014 I know right? I mean…its just the amount of money its still unbelievable …I have no hate against it , from my perspective I just find it Ridiculous. Its not just a wedding but also a business deal. 1 invitation card costed 10.000$ like cmon ! thats just Ridiculous !