31 Responses to “Kimmy K Gives Ray J One SMokin HOT BJ!!!”

  1. Baiysha says:

    love kim kadarshian :)

  2. anita000000ful says:

    i dont belive this

  3. JemieDrum says:

    Shit this chick Kim Kardashian has a FAT ASS!! You alredy know Ray J handed that tape out WILLINGLY! LOL!!I just downloaded this shit for free from Vivid!
    Reuploaded for your pleasure @–> filesmy(.)com/1G8JL 


  4. logjam8800 says:

    Have you heard the news?

    One of the hottest female celebs just had a sex tape leaked!

    This is absolutely true. I saw the tape myself, now you can too. It is at

    CelebSinners. com

    There’s a bunch of other tapes there as well.

  5. Bumblebee13100 says:

    nice vid

  6. DisneyStarsRNaughty says:


  7. lohanlockup says:

    nice vid!

  8. kimkardashianrayjxxx says:

    I want a piece of her soooo bad YUMMY!

  9. Virginiabutterfly83 says:

    I will do anything to just get home.


  10. crisis23 says:

    kim-hot-new-scandal.synthasite[.]com MUST SEE!

  11. Miketheguitarman says:

    wooow im naked right now! Q

  12. joezam44 says:

    false advertising

  13. MissyKris3 says:

    This was gud guys

  14. AmazingAmaya says:

    at 0:13 seconds

  15. doonkof says:

    2:15 lol, fail model walk ;)

    really goood video though!

  16. eliseyeah123 says:

    We have re-made another Kendall and Kylie video!! It will be posted soon, so while you’re waiting….go follow us on twitter for updates and more! :) @eliseyeah

  17. eliseyeah123 says:

    @AmazingAmaya what?

  18. AmazingAmaya says:

    whats in the girls stomach moving?

  19. PrettyPinkBerry says:


  20. rainbowbrightrocks says:

    Hahaha, very nice! :)

  21. TheKendallNJenner says:

    haha. even the same close! good job!

  22. SaraLuver100 says:

    Oh god..

  23. TheAmandaPanda6 says:

    lol u guys did good!!:)

  24. Michael9393cool says:

    i like the real kardashians ET

  25. imanyarbough says:

    just as kendall jenner so good she ‘s so pretty what’s her name .

  26. imanyarbough says:

    just as kendall jenner so good she ‘s so pretty.

  27. siejM3 says:

    0:20 just as kourtney kardashian good

  28. nyali08 says:


  29. mjgirly21 says:

    This was so exact, haha. I love it. You guys really made me laugh.

  30. shazzielowes says:

    you girls really made it work

  31. GabyGP1 says:

    omg! this is so funny!