23 Responses to “Kim Kardashian vs. Ana Kasparian”

  1. Mybodyisawesome says:

    @Orlando2914 swag

  2. jethrodassam says:

    Ana ended up kissing Kim’s ass, to avoid a catfight ass whoopin.

  3. lifeisgood1013 says:

    @JermzzzyFTW Yeah, so we can all masturbate to it. It will feel really swell.

  4. bluesboy25000 says:

    If I could, I’d Marry Ana and I’d marry her for Longer than Three Months

  5. bluesboy25000 says:

    Wa Siktir Lan!!

  6. OneLiveRound says:

    Ana Kasparian?….I Jump in it!

  7. OneLiveRound says:

    @hunkshunter English Much?

  8. ThatGuy9811 says:

    @JermzzzyFTW best idea i heard ever!

  9. beauner99 says:

    Ana Kasparian is 800 times hotter.

  10. JennM20 says:

    Now this bitch is trying to start shit with POTUS. The sad thing is that she and her trashy family are serious. I wish they would go away.

  11. ShalomDove says:

    @Orlando2914 Seconded

  12. assholeroundeye says:

    @hunkshunter your a cunt, kim kardashian is a fake slut, that i would still fuck nonetheless but is still a slut, while ana kasparian is a nice girl.

  13. hunkshunter says:

    the difference between both is Ana Kasparian is know Kim Kardashian but Kim Kardashain doesn’t know who the fuck Ana CuntParian!!!

  14. welcome159ify says:

    I’m not a lesbian but Ana is hotter.

  15. autismpete says:

    Kim Kardashian = the girl you call when you wanna bust a nut.

    Ana Kasparian = the girl you take home to mom, marry, start a family with, etc…

  16. petion2010 says:

    Did he say that Kim Kardashian’s face was number one material all the way? Seriously, she looks like a horse

  17. chango369yt says:

    Ana gets my vote. She comes across as much more real.

  18. meganmooresvideos says:

    @asheeloo Looking, maybe. But as far as intellect, Ana takes the win. I would say Kim doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground, but since her ass is the only reason she is famous, the pun really wouldn’t work.

  19. asheeloo says:

    Kim Kardashian is better

  20. asheeloo says:

    jealous much?

  21. notdonebefore says:

    They need to have a mud wrestling match to settle this.

  22. jaymezabc says:

    Im a chick and im saying,i would rather do Ana then Kim xDD

  23. lamamichulaxox says:

    Ana probably did it herself.. shes jealous of kim its obvious.