49 Responses to “Volturi Makeover TWILIGHT Eclipse Tutorial”

  1. olive7999 says:

    Lol the beginning ;)

  2. lauren12shufflezz says:

    i wish i was pale): mehhhhhh!
    btw, u have beautiful green eyes(:

  3. xPrincessCharlii says:

    If you dont like twilight then dont fucking come on to a TWILIGHT MAKEUP TUTORIAL! It clearly states the word TWILIGHT in the name so back off okaa’? Btw this ROCKS! But in the start where you had the whole outfit on and stuff, did you put a towel on your head?;D I <3 TWILIGHT!!!

  4. Puddycat11385 says:

    i’m already vampire pale so no need for makeup for me. this is why with my pale skin i dont wear such dark eyeshadow colors cause ppl tell me i look like a vampire and so i dyed my hair bleached blonde thinking it would be great since im so pale, well now i just look dead..lol..I have to use a bronzer or self tanner or i look washed out, i also have to use lots of colors now, pink lips and all that.

  5. JujuJawbreakerr says:

    -_____- i hate how people watch this video and then hate on twilight. honestly? the title clearly says twilight. back off.

  6. gwennny1 says:

    your make-up isn’t dark enough..
    I have got a picture of jane and her make-up is almost black!

  7. spikeydoggie01 says:

    and if you dont have a lighter foundation YOUR FUCKED

  8. conankp says:

    You FORGOT the eye contacts :P haha :) it would look sicker in a good way :)

  9. ShareSomeHappiness says:

    This is where being naturally pale really rocks! :D I love wearing this look now because i love wearing dark colours! :D

  10. AHGYAAM says:


  11. HannahTheScribe says:

    Very pretty makeup, but I could never pull this off. My skin is far too pale for dark makeup, either that or I’m just not used to wearing dark makeup. You are by far the only person I know who can pull off dark colors on pale skin. This makeup is very pretty, very subtle, but still giving the point! Love it!

  12. Winterx3 says:

    My favourite look of yours <3

  13. DuckyDiegoLove says:

    Not dark enough eyeshadow.

  14. DuckyDiegoLove says:

    @siesie523 Photo editing.

  15. siesie523 says:

    in the begining u have red eyes and then at the end u say you dont have those contacts. IM CONFUSED!

  16. alec297 says:

    Very um very creative
    xx Sherry xx

  17. alec297 says:


  18. thesuperAriel123 says:

    OMG! You are super awsome! I just love your Tutorials! <3

  19. PlatinumCyGirl says:

    @scoutdragon81 Dude you are so right!(I’m 23 and I like the series but yeah its meant for older teens, but obviously parents are too dumb to realize that)

  20. bloodyhell50 says:

    yeh u actually kinda look like jane. U just need the red eyes lol

  21. zafrina4ever says:

    You look like Jane….Cool! ^^
    Love the tutorial, majorly helpful.

  22. Noir1889 says:

    I think this look is fitting to you esspecially =)
    Thank you for this Tutorial … I will try it out *teehee* =)

  23. sharmika04 says:

    This was really cool. I can’t wait to try this one out. I love the whole vampire look.

  24. cpfanrox says:

    where is the airbrush video? i cant find it

  25. lilsailorsmama says:

    @gerbil545 She fixed the broken line in the how to apply false lashes video lol

  26. spiestot says:


  27. emily496351detective says:

    you don’t apply to the water line very well, you pull too hard and then the line got wet and it started fading..

  28. ztslovebird says:

    So, with pencil eyeliner, you DON’T have to go all the way across your top eyelid? You just go from the outer edge to about midway?

  29. BeautyIsLove123 says:

    ok so ive been watching you`re newer videos and i just noticed how much freakin weight you`ve lost you go girl!!!!

  30. patton303 says:

    I really had problems masturbating to this video. Should I have used a better eyeliner?

  31. Segnet37451172 says:

    I just watched your how to put on eyeliner video and wanted to ask some questions:

    Q: how do you know when you want to put liner on the waterline vs. under the lash.

    also i tried false lashes and had a terrible time. i finaly gave up.
    they were Revlon Beyond Natural #91209 double wink
    a very thick lash.

    Q: what is the proper glue placement onto fake lashes?
    Q:what is the proper lash position onto lid?
    Q:before or after eye shadow?

  32. bluetac2000 says:

    this was really useful for my first time using eyeliner

  33. Lauriefishbone says:

    Why can’t I do this. How spastic am I?

  34. aprilandhanahshow says:

    i use L.A colors

  35. kml5265 says:

    u are sooo beautiful! :)

  36. InuyashanKag says:

    @jhloveforlife Oh my god me too!
    But I can get it on fine, since I’m about 95% blind in my right eye, I only use my left eye + a mirror >w<

  37. IceSkateLove says:

    you are gorgeous and so talented!! love your videos :) xxx

  38. Missprincess20538 says:

    wow just been watching your other vids and you look so different…you’ve lost a lot of weight well done!

  39. kobeshow24allday says:

    wtf am i doing here?? ima dude! awkward

  40. MsRosecrystal says:

    everytime i try my bottom lids my eyes wash it away.how do i fix that?and i have bags under my eyes,i work nights so my system is messed up and i look worse when i use the liner

  41. nyra1413 says:

    @jhloveforlife DUDEE that sucks

  42. jhloveforlife says:

    I can never get my left eye straight because i’m parshly blind in my right eye :(

  43. katlfosho says:

    Milani liquify metallic eye liner pencil is really good! and Loreal extra intense

  44. sapphiregorgeus says:

    you have really pretty eyes, yu have a marvelous color. :3 thank you for the tutorial! <3

  45. BeautyByBridgett says:

    every try the define a line in a green tube? that i’d have to say is the BEST eyeliner at drug store (:

  46. NicV1994 says:

    i cant do the end of the line:(

  47. funkmefashionhouse says:

    hi love your tips… Can you please do/or have you done a bella cullen dark vampire makeup tutorial.??? omg i so want to see how do it !!! xox

  48. listentome642 says:

    tht waz great advice thnx

  49. vinnycaymanlaroux says:

    mine doesnt look like that!!!!!