36 Responses to “Tyra Banks – Girl on Girl Kissing”

  1. ddhluver10 says:

    it’s not cute for anyone to be a whore and kiss people they aren’t attracted to

  2. AlecTheIntern says:

    Tyra is known for fucking up words. And having a big ass forehead.

  3. megazwatcher says:

    yeah, every time some one tries to invent “a new word” they need a boot to the head

  4. megazwatcher says:

    awww shaggy is confidant in his woman’s loyalty
    plus he’s got scooby to keep him warm at night

  5. CruelHearts63 says:

    I don’t understand how just kissing someone somehow translates to having sex with everyone :/

  6. Blackamethyst55 says:

    tyra i luv ur hair

  7. giriisindahouse says:

    I don’t care if there’s a huge difference in the definition. From the bisexuals and ‘barsexuals’ or whatever that I’ve met, they all think the same way.

  8. ilvu12jk says:

    ….theres a huge difference. Barsexuals do it to please the guys and dont expect anything serious or very physical with the same sex while bisexuals are just being themselves and expect a more physical and sometimes serious relationship…

  9. MOLLYCAKE1243 says:

    wtf is a barsexual just say a bisexual duh they some dumm bitches im a lesbians

  10. bleachwad says:

    slimy cunt

  11. killerkandi133 says:

    these girls do this thing for attention. i disagree with their actions because it is degrading to the general image of lesbians but i know people will always do stuff like this for attention. so straight boys, please stop giving these girls attention, i know girls are hot, but please.

  12. giriisindahouse says:

    Yeah as though there’s much of a difference in real life

  13. giriisindahouse says:

    Cut the crap. As though you guys ever had a good reputation.

    Some people are gays because they really don’t have interest in the opposite sex. And you people make lesbianism look as though its a ‘phase’.

    I can’t see much of a difference between bisexuals and barsexuals

  14. giriisindahouse says:

    Its just that you guys are honest about it but they aren’t, there’s nothing much of a difference there.

    What you say about barsexuals is exactly what lesbians say about bisexuals.

    So you really don’t have much to complain about unlike the lesbian there who obviously feels the effect.

  15. monster54158 says:

    that is so true

  16. ChuckyNorisOneCup says:

    no its cool

  17. mur12chen says:

    Yes, I am.

  18. ChuckyNorisOneCup says:

    k u must be gay its cool tho

  19. mur12chen says:

    I’m a guy, and I don’t have a problem with girls kissing.
    It’s the idiotic reason for why these girls are doing it that annoys me.
    Obviously you’re just another cave man that doesn’t know better, so have a nice day.

  20. MzTaurus29 says:

    Haha that Shit was funny as hell lmao Ashton bring ya ass back man we love ya lol

  21. PersonalityDeficit87 says:

    Why the fuck would Joe Biden meet with Drake? Doesn’t he have more pressing matters to attend to?

  22. Bigfellr says:

    Why u no yolo?

  23. Deycono says:

    At the end of the day it’s entertainment we all know he’s soft the game doesn’t need all thugs & D-boys, in it though so he’s good w me long as he making hits!

  24. musclerocker says:

    You stole my idea….

  25. Willilloug says:

    Hey guys check out YTPOPULAR(.)COM for an in your fan base.

  26. letscrawl1 says:

    ashton needs to do a WHOLE series!!!! no one can do it like him

  27. 10jazzmen says:

    The comment below … So right

  28. LilDriZzyDraKe97 says:

    All you drake haters need to shut the fuck up. Drake is cool and this was just a prank. OMG people need to grow up. Look at his pay check and look at yours, you see the difference. He makes double. Stop hatin on him..His working his ass off and making music. What are the Kardashians doing? Nothing but faking ther show to earn attention from people. Drake is not fake. Take the time to listen to his album and you’ll understand why he has so many fans.

  29. koolaidandjake says:

    Does ashton still make new episodes of punk’d?

  30. Sububababa says:

    real yolo moment

  31. drowzy847 says:

    Selling ur soul to the devil aint success… now tupac and the old school ones…even jayz 50 cent nd sum more recent ones actually hustled… came from nothing but this foo…came from something nd sold his soul to get more…greedy mofo…

  32. CruuushaL says:

    Did they make any more episodes after this?

  33. Product933 says:

    Drake’s reaction in this episode is fucking funny. This is one of the best pranks in the history of Punk’d!

  34. erksirlot says:

    punkd sucks without ashton :( thank god he’s back. best episode for season 2

  35. 313drebaby says:

    That’s funny you think of that by yourself

  36. GodLovesi says:

    Oh yeah he sure is sharing all that pussy with you because you are backing him up. haha