25 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Takes Her Ass Out For A Victory Lap!”

  1. Somebody Lovesyou says:

    I’m black so I believe and have seen big butts all my life within the women
    of my friends and family. BUT NOT ONCE have I ever seen a big butt with
    twig thighs, like Kim. So I presume it is fake. I just don’t understand
    why women like Nicki and Kim and other women with fake butts don’t get fat
    added to their thighs too?

  2. Annie Jackson says:

    Yeah we are soo jelly because of how big her ass is and that she got famous
    because of her sex tape *note the sarcasm* 

  3. Jasmine Watts says:

    I don’t think her ass is photoshopped. Maybe airbrushed or something. But
    it’s definitely her waist that was photoshopped. 

  4. Mychel Soltero says:

    nobodys fucking saying her ass is photoshopped but her waist isss dumbasses

  5. Meek Milly says:

    Fake waist MMG !

  6. Abubaker Alzuaree says:

    I’d do illegal things to her 

  7. Pat Alvarez says:

    I don’t hate her! I just think she’s stupid for some reason! :D like she’s
    pretty and all I guess but she’s just stupid! 

  8. Lauren Al says:

    i cant believe people actually find her ass hot. its too big for her body
    it doesnt look right on her at all. 

  9. dasher920 says:

    People like her ass but not her as a person 

  10. Joshua okari says:

    Phattest ass award of the year like for the winner.

    A. Kim Kardashian
    B. Nicki Minaj
    C. Iggy azalea
    D. Other

  11. Alreem Kamal says:

    Shes ‘successful’ because she strips down naked whenever the opportunity is

  12. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    Pfft…jealous of her? Ok….

  13. KazeSuenos says:

    She looks like she has on a padded diaper. Ass plastic surgery does not
    have a long life or last long.

  14. Sanj Gurung says:

    Her waist looks too tiny

  15. Eri08 xo. says:

    we don’t hate her because shes successful we hate her because she a hoe

  16. Eurybia Smith says:

    Why would anyone want an ass that big?

  17. kbdemonbain says:

    her ass wasn’t the photo shopped part really it was her waist lol

  18. Mario Callejas says:

    who cares if its fake its fake leave her alone people find anything to
    bitch about now days

  19. Uzumaki Naruto says:

    Successful? Did he just say successful? So sucking some guys dick is…? I
    don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.

  20. kilochloe says:

    @ Alvaro Munoz you sound like a stuck up wanna be rich kid, naming designer
    clothing & how you look at others by the way they dress. You need to get
    some psychiatric help instead of spending so much money on designer
    clothing. #realtalk #seriously #douche

  21. Lindsay Corson says:

    its not that they said it was photo shopped.. they said its fake.. and it
    is lol. thats the point of disgust. and to call it a victory lap just
    encourages her and other impressionable minds. 

  22. Richard Agbeshie says:

    gonna go watch her sex tape it’s only right 

  23. cynthykay obi says:

    lol…. the cartoon at the end is very funny.

  24. DJayyNoss says:

    How can i meet kim 

  25. Akoual says:

    Why are guys so attracted to butts?