24 Responses to “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West — Forced to Wait … Yes, WAIT … For a Table! (PHOTO)”

  1. Izaya Tboi says:

    I think TMZ forgot that Kanye got his jaw wired shut, thats just his normal
    face lmao

  2. Mario Callejas says:

    Everyone has that face lol i do when i gotta wait

  3. serg_0013 says:

    GOOD!!! There human beings just like us .. Who the fuck are they to be
    above everyone else . Congrats to that restaurant in treating them like
    regular people.

  4. A list says:

    *Well they are ‘normal people’ just with massive ego’s and bank accounts*

  5. Jesus Walks says:

    Kanye be like “Hurry up with my DAMN CROISSANTS!”

  6. Amir White says:

    Kim: you hungry babe
    Kanye: shut up 

  7. someone says:

    Kanye got that resting bitch face, I feel you. The struggle is real.

  8. Tom Lv says:

    How long you niggaz wait for a meal? ALL DAY NIGGA!

  9. A- Double says:

    So you can tell that someone is pissed from a photo now?

  10. Amari' Graham says:

    Wow, I guess you know how it’s like to be a normal human. Not some wannabe
    God and Goddess.

  11. Romeo Rampage says:

    Sushi…what else would you expect from a gayfish?

  12. nemofan111 says:

    it’s so nice to see people finally put Kim and Kanye in they’re places. :)

  13. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    Ha Ha Love it. Get a taste of real life

  14. Fly Kiid Chris says:

    Please Check Out My Music Im Broke

  15. Rafael Mendoza says:

    I love how tmz thinks celebrities are God’s there normal people 

  16. Ruben Lozada says:

    Kim like “Chill babe we will eat soon.”
    Kanye like “I’m a a fucking GOD! I’m the most inspirational person of this

  17. GMHannibal says:

    I would have left, and I’m a normal ass motherfucker.

  18. hogyij bob says:

    Hurry up with my damn crossaint. 

  19. Mountaindew says:

    I think Kim and her sisters should do an incest orgy video 

  20. TheKingsHeree says:

    And people saying they needed to put in their place lol. Obviously they had
    no problem waiting. 

  21. Cupcakecutie Sari says:

    What the hell is she wearing to a restaurant? Where’s the rest of it?Even
    kanye’s not dressed up

  22. lecappuccinostudios says:

    its almost as if dax has an orgasm whenever something negative happens to
    people with more money than him. hmph.

  23. Angryconsumernerd says:

    Umm ? If you have 100’s of millions of dollars as a couple why would you
    not have the literally best private chef working for you ? Why would you go
    out to eat when you can have a private chef make you anything you want ?

  24. brittnylove2 says:

    haha Kanye has (man) resting bitch face!
    Its so awkward to see Kim smiling/laughing, and Kanye stone faced.