25 Responses to “Kim Kardashian West’s Dress Was Accidentally Too Revealing”

  1. Anna x says:

    “accidentally” … surreeee.

  2. Waymond Womano says:

    IDK why everyone is complaining. If Bruce cuts his dick off then that’s a
    lesser chance of a Jenner/Kardashian spawning.

  3. Anishaa Baby says:

    He has a reservation for animals… But you can rent one for parties….

  4. fizzylizzy41094 says:

    did she contour and highlight her breasts?

  5. Plague Doc says:

    “I have a very serious book to promote” …its a fuckign book of your

  6. IIG says:

    Still sexy as hell in my eyes. 

  7. Prince Revolver says:

    Hate her or love her, I’d still fuck her. 

  8. masterchef simba says:

    did jimmy throw a slight racist diss at kanye 2:50 lol

  9. Manny Himms says:

    Kim is looking so old and plastic now…It’s sad, because I used to think
    she was the most beautiful woman in the world…just google “Kim K
    2010″…she used to be stunning!

  10. Robert Ramos says:

    1:50 Jimmy takes a quick look at her cleavage.

  11. John Doe says:

    such an airhead… holly shit lol

  12. cards1985 says:

    What a stupid bitch. What makes her famous. Just like Paris Hilton.

  13. Robert Rivera says:

    Talentless piece of shit.

  14. bbcasting says:


  15. jayspitstruth says:

    Only in america can a no talent cock hungry slut become famous for being
    just that

  16. soldiermajor says:

    omg why so many dislikes ?? haha

  17. L3ndzo83 says:

    how is there anything too revealing on a bitch that made her career on
    sucking dick

  18. The PeopleNeedAVoice says:

    Accidentally?? I’m pretty sure she contoured her boobs. This was a plan
    move Kim.

  19. Kim Jong-un says:

    Worthless bitch

  20. uhhWoodsy says:

    Since when did Jimmy interview pornstars?

  21. Xanity Esports says:

    Baboon? That’s a fucking mandrill u dumb bitch.

  22. ET KLyn says:

    Nothing’s too revealing for Kim K

  23. Di W says:

    she totally contoured her boobs w/ tons of makeup. she meant to show her
    boobs on purpose cmon now

  24. intotheoceanbloo says:

    Too revealing? TOO REVEALING? Bitch, your night with Ray J was too

  25. Kate Elizabeth says:

    That chest is ridiculously contoured