24 Responses to “Kanye West Raps About Kim Kardashian | Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!”

  1. Adam Lacey says:

    I can’t wait until Kim and Kanye break up, because the record he makes from
    being all hurt and emo is going to be greatest record ever. Mark. My.

  2. e-boogie says:

    this proves kanye is just as worse as kim they belong together…shitbags

  3. Joe Martinez says:

    Dang she look different 

  4. Bombest NaniRosay says:

    they talk to rob like shit, and they wonder why he dont feel close to them,
    he was just asking a question. #ROBKardash

  5. mszsu says:

    Kim used to be so pretty. What happened?!

  6. onmywaytohappiness !!! says:

    “kanye is a rapper” (Kourtney ‘s voice)……lol 

  7. Buffy Parker says:

    If you look at pictures, kim is way over Kanye’s bullshit and kanye has a
    realized she isn’t the goddess he idolized

  8. irene milly says:

    What song is that called that kanye released

  9. Love Polish says:

    What season and episode is this? 

  10. R. Gonzalez says:

    Kim looks so different. Like not as swollen “/

  11. Rowen Grande says:

    And now you have a baby so… There you go. 

  12. Kathryn Terhune says:

    Um I love Kim and kanye! The way he looks at her!! How much he loves their
    daughter!! Kim is lucky!!

  13. Jermesha Johnson says:

    They are soo cute power couple 

  14. Manny Andrr says:

    What freaking episode is this !?!

  15. Kid P1casso says:

    Omg “kanye west, is a rapper” Lmao RIIGHT because we all know people found
    out about home through y’all . .

  16. Angel Millan says:

    I’m looking at this now in 2015 and is mad confused lol but then I look at
    the date and it was back in 2012 so I’m good lol 

  17. Geezyone says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  18. belyshineful says:

    She should have left her face alone. She looked so pretty then now she
    looks like a feline just so different still not bad looking but she was

  19. Mikaylen Redmon says:

    Kim: just cause I’m seen with someone doesnt mean their my boyfriend
    2 years later~ a baby and their married lol

  20. Hermon Styles says:

    It is serious she married him and got a child that’s almost 2

  21. CatarinaEM2011 says:

    Mason’s giggles are my life 

  22. Daniya Wallace says:

    Why so mean to Rob heh? No wonder he didn’t go to Thailand with you people

    I wouldn't either

  23. Barbara _mmm says:

    Oh wowwww Kanye was smiling there… ok.

  24. Bobby Potter says: